Be Mine

This past week has been very busy,  and tiring, but also eye opening. I had 5 shoots that I did this week and one of them was my self portrait for my portfolio.  On Wednesday, I went with a few friends to the Wallingford-Back Mine in Quebec. As we walked toward the abandoned mine I was beyond happy, in that moment it didn't matter that it was pouring rain, it didn't matter who I was with, everyone around me became invisible, and the only thing that mattered was where I was.    

   Fog is the most calming thing to me, I absolutely love when you can see the trees but just barely because the fog is dancing between them. Theres something about exploring and seeing whats out there that just gets me excited, and makes me the happiest.

   I wanted my Self portrait to express who I am, and where I feel the most myself. I love to explore, and whenever I do I feel alone, even if I’m not, it’s like the whole world doesn't exist, nothing does, but that moment and I feel complete. 


Like always you don't get to see the image but here's a teaser!