Why No One Is Home

Sometimes you meet someone that changes everything, the way you see things, or even the way you feel about things, they just touch you.


   I met someone that changed everything. The feelings I felt I hadn't felt them for 3 almost 4 years. He touched me without using his hands. Even though our time together was short, it messed me up the most. I didn't understand how someone can come into your life, make you feel things you've never felt, and then leave without even trying to stay. 

  I made many trips between Ottawa and Toronto this past summer, moving into the place I live at now. During those long 5 hour drives alone I did a lot of thinking, and as I drove back and forth I started to notice more and more abandoned buildings. As I drove, I thought a lot about how the past year went for me. I thought about the people I met and how they came into my life, made me feel loved and cared for, but in reality all they cared about was themselves. I was conflicted with so many unanswered questions, and unspoken feelings, so I taped them to walls. 


Most people don't notice these abandoned houses, because they aren’t beautiful, they’re dark, and broken. Their beauty is hidden because of all the damage from weather, time, or people distorting it or not taking care of it. I notice these buildings because I was just like them, broken, mistreated, and all hope of ever being repaired lost. 


Through this series I was able to repair my heart, I was able to work out my feelings and aggressions and create art out of it. This series is my pride and joy simply because it changed me. It helped me get over things, helped me realized how much my love is worth, and that it shouldn't be given to just anyone, even if he meows adorably at you. 


This week’s image isn't sarcastic or negative, because I truly hope all the guys that have hurt me are happy, because I am.