Breaking The Limits

Carlos Martins ( right) started Tee Talent in November of 2015, and brought Shayne Smith (Left)  aboard April 2016. 


Tee Talent:

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On May 9th I had the privilege of photographing Tee Talent.  Tee Talent is a social enterprise that sells motivational and inspirational t-shirts. They aim to build an inclusive organization with a focus on giving employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

Tee Talent is a for profit company who has something to say to the business community – ‘We can get the job done and we are able to take care of our own business.’  The company celebrates talents, not disabilities, and are hoping that they will be able to set an example to other companies.  Sadly, in the work community there is a lack of jobs for individuals with disabilities; Carlos and Shayne's goal is to change that.


We spent the morning at Variety Village in Toronto shooting outside and indoors in one of their many basketball courts.  Check out some of the images!