Friends, The Family You Choose

WOW! It's been too long since my last blog post, don't worry I'm back! 

The past month has been a month of growth for me; as a person and within White Pine Imaging. There is a lot of new and exciting things coming up for White Pine Imaging, a lot of projects in the works that I am so excited to share with you soon!


For a long time I have always been terrified to let go of people and friendships, so, I don't, I hold on to them until they leave or we naturally drift. I didn't realize that this was harmful for not only my mental health, but also my growth as a person. I also didn't realize how many anchors I had in my life until I started to feel empty and at a standstill. Friends are supposed to challenge you and keep you growing. 

This past week I did a lot of reflecting and made some hard decisions in my life. I went to visit my mom in Bradford for a week and while I was there I was able to catch up with some good friends. The three people in particular that I am talking about are my best friends. When it comes to these three I don't use the term ‘best friend’ lightly; I have known them all for more than 6 years and I can honestly say they are the real deal. A lot of friendships end, certain ones you never expected to, and even that one best girlfriend who you promised to be their maid of honor at their wedding even though you were both 16. Yes, most friendships end, sometimes on horrible terms and other times the friendship just naturally dies, and you're both oddly okay with it because you know you've changed, you're not the same people anymore and that's okay.

But I'm talking about the friends who you have been through everything with, friends you know deep down in your soul will love you for life. These are the friends who were there in the darkest of times, the ones who may have left for a time but came back, and haven't left since, they are the friends you are just so comfortable with that they aren't even friends anymore, they are family. 


I was so happy to be reunited with my family this past week, check out the photos!