The Older, The Better

   On Friday night my father and I went to the Kingston Cruisers Car Show at Princess and Gardiners Rd, which is of course in Kingston. As a kid we would go to car shows in the summer and after years of not going a slight bit of nostalgia came across me as I saw all the beautiful classic (and some newer) cars. 


  It was a beautiful night, not too hot and not too cold, and the sun was just glorious. Okay, okay, enough with the weather talk, I get it let's talk cars. If you haven't been to a car show before, they line the cars up all along the parking lot and a lot of the guys put their hoods up so you can see the engine. Car shows are great way to get to know more people and learn all about the history of each car. There was a range of cars, from a 1958 Biscayne Chevy to a 1958 rare Edsel station wagon. There were also a couple V8 Mercury Pickup trucks and several of my personal favourite car, the Mustang.


   Ah the Mustang, what a beautiful piece of transportation. To me it doesn't matter what year I am just so in love with that car ever since I could remember. My dad used to have this old 65 Mustang that was originally made in Arizona, painted in a sandy gold just like the desert. We would go on rides in the summer and take her to car shows, I always considered her to be mine because she was from Arizona, and well that’s my name.


Anyway take a look at some of the shots I captured that night.