Wherever You Go (07.30.16)


  On Saturday, July 30th I was able to capture one of the most intimate weddings I have ever been to. With 16 guests who were only family, Jenn and David Howell tied the knot Parkside in Perth, Ontario.  it was a beautiful sunny day for a wedding full of love, family and Dr. Seuss. 

David and Jenn have been together for 7 years, and finally tied the knot in front of their family.  They choose the small town of Perth for their wedding because it is the halfway point between their home in Ottawa and their camp, where they spent their weekends. Over time, stopping in perth became a tradition. 


The Howell's are moving to Scotland for Jenn's new job and the start of their life together, so I'd say it was pretty fitting getting married in Ontario's very own Scottish town. 



Jenn's ring isn't a traditional diamond and the reason why just pulls at my heart strings! The stone in the ring is a Ruby, the Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. Yes, they got married in July but the real significance is that July is the month that David was born in; but also, diamonds are just too boring for Jenn.   



It was such a pleasure photographing this beautiful day and getting to know David and Jenn. I am very excited to visit them in Scotland in a few years to do their anniversary shoot, but first, check out some images from their wedding! 

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