Year In Review 2018

This past year has probably been the best year of my life, the best year for White Pine and in my personal life. I have traveled for work more this year then previous years combined, I have had the most incredible clients, and met some really talented people. This year I was able to meet a photographic goal of mine which is to get work in another province, so I now can add work experience in three provinces, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. I have worked more this year than any other year and I have really enjoyed it. 2019, I know will be very different, and in some ways that is why I love being a photographer so much, no day is the same and you never know what work you’ll get next.

In my personal life I have never been so happy. I have met some incredible people some of which have become close friends, I traveled and gained new perspectives, I have learned a lot about myself, I learned to forgive the ones who hurt me the most, I have grown in my faith and got baptized in November. The year didn’t come without its trials; I was diagnosed with IIH in May (Idiopathic intracranial hypertension you can learn all about it here) after suffering with various symptoms for six weeks, some of which symptoms kept me in bed, in the silence and in the dark for close to three weeks. Not to worry I am doing great, the pressure and swelling have come down, I haven’t experienced any symptoms for months. Other personal trials came and left, but nothing too bad to affect what a great year it’s been.


I think it is only fitting to start with my favourite engagement and wedding shots. This year I had such amazing couples, all so adventurous, and so fun to photograph and hang out with. My 2018 engagement shoots took me all over, from Banff Alberta, to Gatineau Quebec, and to far corners of Ontario. This years wedding season was full of firsts (for me as a photographer), gorgeous flowers and tons of laughs. Oh and couples in love of course.

M&K 06.23.18-19.jpg
M&K 06.23.18-13.jpg

This year’s flat lays were both so beautiful I couldn’t pick a favourite so both, both is good. 


Rings? In flowers? Yes please!


Some of my favourite photos are unposed and in the moment, they’re real. I love unposed images but sometimes a little direction can make for some gorgeous shots. That’s what I love about photographing weddings, they are raw and full of emotion, they are the best moments of someones life, they are personal, not to mention being able to produce beautiful photos for people. This year I photographed a wedding in Calgary, several weddings in Ottawa, one in Stratford, ON and one close to home in Aurora, ON. Each wedding was beautiful and so much fun to photograph, each wedding had different vibes, different people, different places but all the same love. Here are some of my favourite shots from each wedding this year.

S&H. 07.14.18-132.jpg
S&H. 07.14.18-146.jpg
S&H. 07.14.18-153.jpg

This past wedding season has been amazing, I have loved every wedding and every couple, I am so blessed to have such a fun and exciting job!

In the beginning of my offseason (when wedding season is done) I have met with some new families and some well known families for some family portraits. I love photographing different families in different stages of life, I love seeing each family’s dynamic, and of course, seeing how families grow. Below are some of my favourite shots from family shoots this year.


I traveled all over Ontario and to Calgary for work and it’s been great to see new places and travel for work, but personal travel has got to be my favourite kind. I love to explore new places, and have new experiences. just recently I got back from a road trip to Florida, I will be doing a full blog post on the trip, but until then enjoy some sneak peeks!


What would a year in review be without some of my favourite personal photographs. Next year I want to start spending more time on personal work, I honestly think that an artist’s personal work is their most important work. It’s where we as artists grow the most, we are at the peak of our creativity so we experiment, we learn new things, it’s not for anyone but for the love of art and ourselves. So without further explanation enjoy some of my favourite personal shots of 2018.


2018 treated me well, it was fresh and exciting, full of growth, love, and good, irreplaceable moments. I am excited to see what 2019 has in store for White Pine and for my personal life. There are a couple things I have planned for 2019 but the rest is up to God, and what He has planned. Thank you 2018 for the lessons learned, the laughs had, the friendships made, nights I won’t forget, and most importantly thank you for giving me the room to grow.


Things to expect from White Pine Imaging in 2019

I know I am a little behind on my wedding blog posts, but the last two are coming they will be posted in the new year.

In November 2018 I was a part of a styled wedding shoot, I was the videographer, the video will be released in the new year as well.

I have 2 styled boudoir shoots planned, get ready!